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Majora's Mask

In the land of Hyrule, there

echoes a legend.  A legend held

dearly by the Royal Family that

tells of a boy...

A boy who,

after battling evil and saving

Hyrule, crept away from that land

that had made him a legend...

Done with the battles he once

waged across time, he embarked

on a journey.  A secret and

personal journey...

a journey in search of a

beloved and invaluable friend...

A friend with whom he parted

ways when he finally fulfilled his

among legends...

The Legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask Walkthrough



Chapter 1: Skullkid the Mask Thief
The first scene is pretty foward; just chase Stalkid around. Once you fall in the hole, Stalkid will cast a spell on you and change you into Deku Link. One of his fairy pals will get left behind and decide to help you catch up with Stalkid again. Follow that path some more, and get used to using the flowers as launch pads with Deku Link, beacause you will need to use them alot during your quest. Eventually you should see the mask collector guy, and a huge door. Once you exit this door, the first day will start, so make sure you are ready. You will then have 3 days to find Stalkid before the moon crashes into the planet. The first and only thing you can do right now is find him and get your ocarina back.
First, you should make sure you have 5 rupees, and find the little man towards the north side of town who will sell you a map of the town. Next, head towards the southwest corner of the big middle room with the clocktower, and go up a ramp there to get to the little section at the bottom of the map (It is straight and to the right of the door you first entered town from). There should be a little fairy floating around over the stream there. Hop over and catch the fairy. Head back to where you bought the map from, go left, then follow the ramp up to the fairy's cave, and return the fairy. The Huge fairy will appear and grant Deku Link the ability to spit bubbles. Leave the cave and find the balloon nearby that is floating in the air. Spit a bubble at it an pop it, which will upset it's owner - a little kid. He will call 4 friends, and then they will all hide, giving you 1 day to find them. 2 of the kids are in the same area you are, be sure to check behind trees and hard to see spots. Another kid is in the area on the left side of town, by the shops. If he tries to run away, spin after him until you can catch up. The remaining 2 kids are on the right side of town. One will jump off a ledge when you try to catch him. The other is on the balcony of the inn, you will need to use a flower launcher and glide over to catch him. Being the last kid, he will give you a password (Which is different every time, so don't ask what it is) which you can tell to a kid blocking your way on the right side of town.
You will have to follow the passage and skip over a few platforms as Deku lLnk. You can hop 5 times before falling in, so try to make each one count. There might be a monster or two in here somewhere, but it should not pose any problems. When you get to the ladder, a balloon will prevent you from climbing it. Just pop it like you did the other one, and continue on. You will see a telescope, and a wizard-type man will ask if you want to look through it. Say yes, and zoom in towards to top of the clock to spot Stalkid. A flaming object will fall out of the moon's eye, and land right outside. Take the door right by the telescope and pick it up.
Next, go back to the main part of town and look for the greenish-yellow flower launcher. Another Deku will fly in. Give him what you picked up, and he will give you a paper in return. You can trade that later on for a heart piece, but it will vanish if you travel back with the ocarina. Since you have time to kill, you might want to do it now. Wait until after 0:00 one night, and use the flower launcher by the inn to get in at night. Find the room with the hand creature on the bottom floor, and give him the letter (To give an item to someone, you must talk to them, and when the box that says to select an item on the start menu appears, select the item you want to give and push the C button it is assigned to while that dialouge box is still open).
In order to advance further, you will need to wait until night time of day 3. When you see the cut scene of the fireworks at the clock, head back to the yellow launcher in the middle of town, and use it to get on top of the clock tower where the heart piece is. Follow the stairs and you will run into Stalkid and his black fairy. He will start to cast a spell to pull the moon towards the earth, and will be distracted for a second, so you can stand below him, aim upwards, and knock the ocarina away with a Deku Bubble. A flashback with Link learning the song of the time will follow. After the scene finishes, just play the song of time on your ocarina and you will be sent back to day 1. There is no way to beat Stalkid at this point.

Chapter 2: Back to the Past
The mask collector will see that you have the ocarina, and play his song which will turn you back into normal Link. He will also teach you his song, and day 1 will start again. His song is called the Dispicable Song, but I will refer to it as the mask collector's song.
Since you are normal Link once again, The guards will now let you leave town if you want to, but there are still a few side quests to complete. Wait till night time of day 1 hits, and there should be another fairy on the right side of town. Use the launcher to catch it and bring it back to the fairy pond, to get a mask from the big fairy. Next, head back to where you caught the first fairy, and talk to old man in the corner who will only be there at night (The windmill man from OoT?). You can get the Buruu Mask from him. Use a scarecrow or the time skip song (RightC x2, A x 2, DownC x 2) to skip ahead to day 3, and goto Milk Road (west of Clock Town). There is an owl statue here, just smack it with your sword and you will remember it's location. go straight down the path to find the Lomani Ranch (And not the other one with the gate surrounding what looks like a race track). Goto the chicken shed in the back and talk to the guy sitting under the tree. Help him turn the chicks into chickens by wearing the chicken mask and marching around the room, collecting all the little yellow chicks on the ground. When you get them all, the guy under the tree will give you the Bunny Hood, which increases regular Link's speed and jumping power when you use it.
IMPORTANT ITEM MISSED OFTEN : The Log Book. Go back to the password kid, and through the sewers with a bomb. take a left down the stream of water near the begining. When you get to a little ledge in the wall, jump up and blow up the cracked wall to get 100 rupees. When you leave, the kid will give you the Log Book which keeps track of your adventure like a dairy. The Log Book is really called Notebook from the Bombers Members, but I will refer to it as the Log Book.
Leave town from the exit towards the south end of the middle section, and head straight south on the overworld map. Follow the path, and eventually you should reach a swampy area. Don't try to get past the octopus monsters you see right now, they will just spit you away. Make sure it is still day 1 with plenty of time, and find the hut with the potion selling witch in it. Talk to her, then head to the area in back of her hut, which is a forest maze type place. Talk to the monkey there, and follow the path he chooses to get to an injured witch. Talk to her, then head back out of the area and to the first witch hut, to get a bottle and some medicine. Bring that medicine back to the injured witch, and she will fly away (back to the first hut in the swampy area, not the hut with the other witch). You can get a camera from her in there, as well as ride on the boat which will kill the Octopus monster in the way.
Beware of the water as normal Link after the octopus monster, beacause it will damage you, and pretty much mean death if there is nothing to grab on around you. The boat should stop and ask if you want to get off. Say yes, and talk to the monkeys standing in front of the entrance to the Deku Village. Go inside the village (As a Deku) and talk to the Deku king. Take a picture of him if you want for a prize back at the first witch hut. Find the monkey locked up on the left and Z-target him to talk. Another monkey will talk to you as you try to leave.
In the hallway after the 2 Deku Guards are 2 doors that lead to little flashlight mazes like the castle one in the OoT. Take the left door and avoid the Deku Guards there. There should be a doorway that leads to another room with Guards that has a heart piece. Find the hole in this room and follow the path inside it to another hole. You can buy magic beans from the guy in this hole for 10 rupees each.
Go back to the entrance of the Deku town, and leap across the lily pads on the right of the bridge as Deku Link. Follow them all the way, and you should see a place to plant a magic bean on the floor. Plant a bean here, then either wait for rain, or fill a bottle up with some water and throw it on the bean. The stalk that appears will take you to the upper level of the flashlight maze area. Just glide from one flower launch pad to the next, until you find the exit that will take you inside the cage with the monkey. Talk to him, and show him the ocarina to learn the Awake Sanata.
Now go back to the entrance and jump on the pads to the right again, this time jumping on the little ledge agaist the wall after the 2nd pad or so. Launch up and outside, then follow the launchers and land next to the top of the waterfall. Use the ocarina in front of the slab and you will learn the owl song. The owl song is really called the Big Wind song, but I will refer to it as the owl song. Launch over the waterfall, and exit into another marsh area. Follow the wooden planks, gliding when you have to. If you need to kill the big bug monsters, just spit at them twice. When you get to the plate in the middle of the room, be sure to slash the owl statue with your sword, so you can instantly come back here if you need to. When you are ready to enter the dungeon, play the Awake Sanata while standing on the plate.

Chapter 3: The Marshy Cave and the Deku Princess
You might notice the fairy floating near the entrance. If you have the bunny mask, you can easily leap off as regular link and grab it. If not, you might need to glide Deku link over to it. There is another fairy in a chest on one of the launcher platforms. Take the launchers all the way across the room. In the next room, walk down the plank and past the locked door. Kill the chopper plant by the locked door to release a 3rd fairy, and grab it. Then you can leap across the little lily pads to the next room. There is a key against the wall in this room, so don't forget to launch towards it and grab it. You can go onto the next room if you want, where you will need to fight 3 turtle monsters. Hit them with a bomb to knock them over, then hit them with the sword, which gets you a map. Go back to the locked door, and open it. Push the block in the middle of this room foward one, then go around to the other side and push it back 2 spaces. Light the unlit torch with a Deku stick. Also, kill the spider in the corner by the already lit torch to release a 4th fairy. Kill all the dragonflys in the next room to get the compass. Leave that room, and put on the Bunny Hood. Light a stick, run up the stairs, and jump across the platforms. Burn the web away with the stick and continue up to the next floor. Follow the path, killing anything you can on the way. Killing them all will make a chest with a 5th fairy appear. Light the 3 unlit torches to open the door to the next room. Lanch across the next room, careful of the dragon flies to end up back downstairs (But on the upper level). Explore the ledges a bit to find a room where a mini-boss awaits. Not too hard, just Z-target and hack away. Beating him will get you the bow. Exit the room, and use the bow to hit the eye on the ledge all the way across from where you are now. Take the floating launcher that now works over to the door and prepare for another mini-boss.
This boss can be kind of hard. Make sure you have full arrows and lots of bombs before you start the fight. At first, you just havta stun him with Deku link and spit at him. But after 2 spits, his turtle friend comes and makes things more difficult. Wait till he crashes into a wall, then throw a bomb at him. Then the frog part of the boss will jump on the wall. Hit it with an arrow. 3 arrows and the spell on the frog will be broken, changing it back into a normal frog.
Grab the boss key in the back of the room, then head back to the room with the huge plant in the middle. Stand by the door on the upper level, and fire an arrow through the lit torch and into the unlit torch on the plant. When the plant pops up, jump on it and aim through the flame on its torch to hit the other unlit torch. Go through the door that opens. Make your way through the next room carefully. Learn the general layout of it, then fire an arrow at the switch using normal Link and race to go as fast as you can from launch pad to launch pad. Eventually you'll get to the boss door - The real boss.

Boss: Odoluwa
Wow, this game has some pretty interesting bosses. He will leap around the room shouting his cry and try to slash at you. Just target him and hack away. Try to hit him when he slashes and misses, or when he leaps up to try and escape. Sometimes he may summon smaller creatures to help, but when he does, just take them out with a spin and get the hearts they leave. If he traps you in a circle of fire, just stand and wait for it to dissapear. If he traps you in a cloud of locust, don't worry as they do very very little damage and eventually dissapear. After alot of punishment, he will fall over and you will get a heart container.
(Note: If you want to kill this guy really easy, Z target him and hit him dead on with a leaping slash type attack. He will be stunned just enough for you to leap slash again, and so on until he is dead). (Also Note: If you go back in time, you will need to clear the dungeon again, but once you beat this one, or any of the others, you can simply use a teleporter at the begining to skip to the boss).
In a short cut scene, Link will learn a new song and the poison waters will drain from this dungeon and the surrounding area. You will be teleported to a new room, where the Deku princess is being held. Use an empty bottle to grab her. If you want, you can go back in the dungeon, and get the faries you missed. There are 3 or 4 in the room before the boss, but you havta be quick on hitting the switch and getting over the fire before it reignites. If you are hit by a flame, you are teleported back to the room entrance. There is a fairy underwater in the room with the large block in the intersection. There is also another fairy in the room with the huge flower that you needed to light up with an arrow. It is in the corner, under a pot.
Take the Deku princess back to the king and release her for a short scene, then go back to the entrance of the village and take the left lily pads over to the cave. You will need to follow the Deku guy as normal link, wearing the Bunny Hood. If you get too far behind, the doors will close and you will need to start over. You get a Pig mask if you are fast enough and clear the maze. Return all the faries from the first dungeon to the pond also, that is in the same area as the dungeon. You will get a new sword attack if you turn them all in. Also, once you get the Pig mask, you can goto the injured witch and use it to find a purple cloud. Use the bottle on it to get mushrooms, and take them back to the potion-selling witch. Come back a bit later, and you can get a blue potion from her for free (the potion that heals life as well as magic).

Chapter 4: The Truth Revealed, A Ghost of the Past
Go back to Clock town, and exit on the eastern side. Jump up on the little blue wall that is surrouding the ledge to the east and fire some arrows at the icicle ahead. Jump down into the canyon and climb up the ramp on the other side to get to the Death Mountain area. Everything is covered in snow, and large snowballs block the way. Just blow them up with bombs and make your way to a small village. Find the exit there, and you will be in a place with bridges. Make sure you take the exit that leads to the map with bridges, not the one with falling snow balls and huge gaps in the moutainside. Follow the rope bridges and you will be in the frozen Goron Village.
First thing to do here is find the owl. He will drop feathers onto invisible platforms over a huge pit. You havta be quick in following the feathers, or they will dissapear. You will also slip on the platforms, so don't use the bunny mask or you will fall off. When you get to the other side, go in the cave and pick up the Lens of Truth in a chest.
Use the lens and you shall see the platforms on the way back. Also, there will be a Ghost waiting for you at the other end. Follow him (Or his shadow if you don't want to waste magic on the lens) into the next area, and the area after that. Put on the bunny mask and use the lens if you weren't before at this point. Follow him some more across 2 ice burgs. You should see a ladder on the wall. Climb up it and enter the cave at the top. Talk to the ghost, and play the Mask collector's tune for him to get the Goron mask. Before you leave the area, look for an owl statue somewhere outside this cave so you can teleport back with little trouble.

Chapter 5: The Curse of the Golden Spiders (Optional)
You will need a Deku stick, 2 magic beans, and a bottle to complete this next task. Go down the stream some more from the Deku village, until you see a burning torch and a spider web. Use the stick to burn open the web and enter the cave. In here is a guy cursed to be a spider. The only way to break the spell on him is to destroy all the spiders inside and collect the tokens they leave.
The first is in a jar next to the platform you start on. Then go along the wall to the closest door you can find. There is a boulder in the corner of that room that needs to be destroyed with a bomb. After you destroy it, plant the magic seed where it was and water it. Roll into the boxes around this room to get spiders number 2 and 3. Climb the ladder on the side wall and go across the balcony. Number 4 is behind a burning torch. Go through the door up there, and look on the side of each pillar on ledge it leads to and you will get number 5. Glide across and enter the door on the other side. Use the laucnher in there to get to the ledge on the left side of the room, and lift up the stone to catch some bugs with your jar. Go through the door and hit the switch to make a ladder appear on the wall. Shoot the spider on the ladder with an arrow, making it the 6th. Go back into the first room and kill one in the water, and one on a pillar. Wait till the pillar one is low enough to kill so you can grab the token it leaves. The 9th is back in the room with the rock you had to blow up. Ride the bean stalk along the wall and kill it. In the same room, climb the ladder and use the bunny mask to jump over onto the pillar in the center of the room to kill number 10. Go up the ladder again and through thr door.
Shoot the spider on the wall in the main room with an arrow or bubble and use the launcher to get the token. Launch across and to the platform where the rock with the bugs are and get number 12 on the wall, then take that door and climb the switch ladder again. Plant and water the magic bean there. Jump back down and get the one on the pillar, then climb up the switch ladder again and ride on the stalk as far as it will go to get another spider on the wall. Then use the stalk to get to the door. You will come to a room with a tree. Roll into the tree until all the spiders fall out and kill them all. You should have 19 after all the spiders in here are dead. Don't forget to look for them in the tall grass too. Go back to the room with the big pots. There is one under the set of jars in the corner. Also, slash the green plant covered wall behind the scared Deku to find one. Back in the room with the stalk (not the one where you blew up a rock), Ride the stalk and jump onto one of the pillars. Shoot the beehives down with an arrow to find number 22. There are 3 more in the main room. Catch some bugs and release them wherever you see a patch of soil on the wall (where you would beable to plant beans). Go back to the room with the large pots and wear the Goron mask. Hit and roll into the pots until 2 more spiders come out. There are another 2 spiders in the beehives on the ceiling. finally, the last spider is in a beehive in the room with the large tree. Go back to the cursed spider in the very first room now, who will be human again. He will give you a mask that allows you to talk to gossip stones and animals. You can go back and play the Awake Sanata for the Scared Deku in the pot room, but all it seems to do is let you use the launcher it was hiding in. Sorry if the order I listed these in is kind of confusing, it is the order I found them in myself.

Chapter 6: The Cry of the Goron
As Goron Link, go to the snowy Goron Village (Its where you got the Lens of Truth). A Goron near the top will show you how to open the door when you talk to him. Go outside the door, and do the Goron Stomp move to open it. You will be on the inside of the Goron's village, and hear a loud crying baby. Goto the throne room and talk to the baby.
Use the owl song to teleport to the statue on death mountain. Use the Lens of Truth to get back to the cave where you got the Goron mask. As Goron Link, get in back of the slab in the middle of the cave and pull it backwards to reveal a hidden hot spring. You can bottle the water from this spring and use it to unfreeze a frozen Goron. Start with the one outside, the go back and grab some more water.
The spring water will turn into normal water if you don't use it in about a minute or so, so run as fast as you can from that cave to the next area - the one with the rope bridges. smash the snowballs until you find a frozen old Goron and use the water to thaw it. If you can't seem to make it in time, you can use the water to melt the huge block over the hole on the hill in that area to get to another hot spring. You can also use water from there to melt the ice in Goron village and talk to the big Goron (which is mentioned later). Talk to the unfrozen old Goron, and you will learn part of the Goron's Lullaby Song. Return to the crying baby Goron and play that part of the song to learn the rest.
Now go back to where the hot springs are, but look for another path leading out of the area. You will need to use Goron Link for the next area. Roll to gain speed and when you are going your fastest, use the wooden ramps to leap over the holes. When you get to the end, and the next area, there is an owl statue that you can use to get back here at any time you want. Play the Goron Lullaby here, and you are ready to advance onto the second dungeon. Just punch any snowballs that get in your way on the way up the path to the cave, but be carefull not to fall of the ledge from the force of the impact. There is a fairy fountain on the way up, if you need it, or if you rescue all the faries in this dungeon.

Chapter 7: The Frozen Caverns of Snowhead
Punch the icicles at the entrance, and push the block foward to move on. Take the door on the right, and roll across the bridge, gaining speed so you can jump over the middle part. Exit through the door against the left wall, not the one across a small gap. From the big room, find the room with the little bouncing fire skulls. You can hit a switch in here to release a Fairy. next, go back to the room with the bridge. Leap across the gap and go upstairs.
There is a chest in this room that has the map, as well as the 2nd fairy hiding in a corner. Go back, and jump down. Shoot an arrow up at the bubble under the ledge to release a fairy. Go back up and roll into it or hang of the ledge with normal link to get it. Go back to the big room, and go across to a door on the other side. Pull the 2 blocks over to the white area and push them to the end of the white area to make a chest appear overhead. Go back to where the blocks were originally, and open a chest for a key. Now you need to go back to the begining and take the left door that was locked before. There is a chest with the compass in this room. Bomb the wall at the end of the room and continue on.
Use Link with the Bunny mask to jump from pillar to pillar in this room. When you see a white stain of ice on the wall, jump towards it and you will go through the wall and find a fairy. Jump from that ledge with the fairy to the next ledge, and finally to the last ledge to get a key, and use that on the locked door in this room. In the next room, stomp on the gold block with Goron Link, then jump over to the other side. Jump on the blue one, then back to the raised gold platform. Jump on that, then use normal link to jump on the raised blue one and back onto the ledge. Go through the door. Roll and jump over the gap in the bridge, then roll and gain enough speed to roll over the steep part of the wall. Turn around, then roll and jump over that bridge. Time for a tricky little mini-boss. He will teleport to one of the corners of the room, then spin his rod and try to freeze you. After you hit him twice, a clone will appear and they will both switch teleporters once before the real one attacks. No big deal, just punch him with Goron link 3 times to defeat him. After he is dead, you will pick up the fire arrows.
Now you can melt whatever ice gets in your way. If you go back to the previously locked door by the entrance, there are 2 faries in the following room. You can melt the ice in there for a block and a switch. Use the block first to leap up and go back to the room. You can melt the ice in there for a block and a switch. Use the block first to leap up and go back to the room where a chest appeared overhead before to get one. Step on the switch and use the block to get the chest that appears for 2.
Find and melt all the ice blocks you can. The room you are looking for is one with many raised platforms and the statues that spit ice at you. Kill all the statues, and jump over to the door that is shut. Shoot fire arrows and light all the torches to open the door. In the next room, stomp the switch with goron link. Go back to the room near the begining where you had to roll across the bridge for the first time in here and kill everything now that you have the fire arrows to get a key. Leap to the door on the ledge (that had a fairy under it) and jump on the pillar in that room. Kill the statue with a fire arrow, then hit the switch with one. In the central pillar room, move up when you can. You might need to use the wall to roll with Goron Link.
When you get to the top floor, roll down one, and unlock the door. In the next rooms, kill all the monsters for 2 faries, then go on to the mini-boss. It is the same one as before, just with more teleporters, more clones, and 4 hits instead of 3. Waste him, and take the boss key. At this point, you will need to goto the central pillar room and punch away all of the blue sections. After you have done that, go back to where the final locked door was, roll up, and cross the pillar. Climb up the stairs and use Goron Link to roll over the gap.

Boss: Goato
A rather fun boss to run. Use Goron Link and roll to follow him up the endless tunnels. When you run low on magic, just hit one of the pots. Avoid the rocks and when you hit him, try to dodge left and right because he will spit a bolt at you. When you hit him enough, he will fall down, then get back up and run faster. This time he will also throw bombs, which hurt to be hit by. Just ram him a few more times to turn this bull into veil. Grab the heart container, and the area around will thaw out. Death mountain is back to normal! Finding all the faries (Even though I barely found half) in this dungeon will get you double magic if you bring them back to the fairy outside and down the moutain a tiny ways.

Chapter 8: Death Mountain Comes Back to Life
Now there are many side quests you can complete. First thing, is the blacksmith. He is in the building right by the owl statue on death moutain. For 100 rupees, he will upgrade your sword to level 2. You will lose the level 2 sword if you go back, though, so read on to find out how to get the level 3 one which is perminant. You can also go back to the cave right by Goron Village as a Goron and the big Goron there will give you a big bomb. Take this bomb as fast as you can outside and back to the other side of the rope bridges. Throw it up the hills in the begining of that area and let it blow up the big rock up there. After you blow that rock up, you are able to buy more big bombs from the big Goron.
Behind the first rock you blow up are the Goron races. If Death Mountain is currently thawed out, you can compete as Goron Link. First place will get you a second bottle item to use, as well as the contents of that jar, which can be used at the blacksmith after you have upgraded your sword once. If you upgrade the sword, and do not bring the jar back to the blacksmith, the upgrade will vanish if you use the ocarina to go back to day 1. You must get the sword upgraded on day 1 and then bring the jar to him on day 2, as it takes time. Also, If you go back, The moutain will freeze again. If you go back and Death Moutain freezes over again, you can just ocarina to the owl at Snowhead and use the teleporter in the first room of the cave to skip right to the boss again.
You can also do the big bomb quest if you have the fire arrows, and have not completed the cave yet, but doing so this way will not allow you to compete in the races until the moutain has thawed out. You can also get a peace of meat by breaking the spining pot by the crying baby in Goron City, by lighting all the touches and uses goron link to break all the vases that are on the lamp. If you take this meat to the Goron with the frog on his head, he will give you the Ribbit's Mask.

Chapter 9: Link's Best Friend, Epona
After you have completed the time bomb quest (Hopefully with time to spare on day 1), Get another big bomb from the big Goron and use the ocarina to get to the owl on milk road. Detonate the super bomb next to the big rock that blocks the Lomani ranch and enter on the first day. Talk to the little girl, and you will have to ride Epona and shoot down 10 baloons. I think you are supposed to do this in under a minute or 2, so it might take a little practice. When you do it right, she will teach you Epona's song.
You can also do a little side quest here for a 3rd bottle, if you have the log book. It involves Link keeping all the ghosts away from the barn until day break of day 2. Wait until night of day 1 falls, and wait outside of the barn until about 2:00 am. Romani will come out and walk into the barn. Follow her, and after a few more seconds, A whole bunch of poes will appear. You can only kill them with a shot from the arrow, and the only way to get more arrows is to pick up what one drops. If one of them makes it close enough to the barn, you will lose and the cows + Romani will be abducted. If you can hold off the poes long enough, you will get yourself a 3rd bottle.
If you complete this task, you can come back the next day and talk to the older sister for another little challenge. You will have to help her deliver the milk, by using your bow and arrows. If you win this little game, you will get a Romani's mask from her.

Chapter 10: Dismay in the Great Bay of Decay With Epona, you can reach some new areas by leaping over fences. Goto the beachy area on the northwest corner of the main map. Jump over the fences in your way to get to Great Bay. It is good to have a map of this area, so if you don't, you might get lost easily. One of the little baloon guys will sell you one, maybe the one on Milk Road. Anyways, walk along the beach until the change to take a hint from your fairy comes (UpC button). She will point out a Zora Person in the water with seagulls floating overhead.
Swim out to this Zora, and try to talk to him. When that doesn't work, get behind him and push him over to land. When he comes to, he will play you a song and shout out a few words before collapsing. Play the mask collector's song, and you will go through a short cut scene that will end in Link getting the Zora mask. Now that you have the Zora mask, you can get a heart container by defeating the monster at the bottom of the waterfall on the next map over. Becareful, it is hard to fight underwater, and this monster can suck you up and sometimes steal things.
On this same map, there is also an empty house with a cracked wall. Bomb that wall and you will find the 2nd set of 30 golden spiders to defeat. I will come back to that later, in Chapter 15. There is also another heart piece back on Death Moutain if it is thawed. In the room with the rope bridges and Goron races, there is a chest on the ground underwater that Zora Link can open. You can skip the next chapter and save it for later, or do it now. The order you do some of the next events in is not very important.

Chapter 11: Nightmares in the Night, Ikana Graveyard
More places than just the beach open once you can leap with Epona. Go east of Clock Town and hop over the fence in the area with all the bomb wielding rats. Instead of going straight, turn and exit north to get to the graveyard type area. Make sure you first come here at night. Goto the big skeleton that is asleep under the archway in the house. Play the Awake Sanata, and prepare for an interesting battle.

Boss: Big Skeleton
He will try to run away, and as he runs further up the path, flames will block your path and skeletons will appear. Wear the Bunny Hood, and target him right when the fight starts. Hit him in the back with a normal arrow. Run up a bit while he is stunned and try to keep him stunned with arrows while fighting the little skeletons with your sword. If he gets too far ahead to shoot, you will probably need to leave and try again.
Once you get close enough to hit him with your sword, the real fight will start and no more flames will appear.
He takes alot of hits, but is not really a problem in to kill. After he is hit maybe 20 times or so, he will start to jump and try to land on Link. Just avoid the shadow when you see it appear and strike some more. After you beat the Big Skeleton, you will get a new mask.
Wear this mask and talk to the skeletons down the path a bit. Choose the second choice and jump down the hole that opens. Leap across a few gaps and kill all the bats in the next room with Deku Link. Use fire arrows to light the torches and the door will open.

Boss: Axe Knight
This guy is easy, but one error can cost you 4-5 hearts a hit. first, target the statue before it starts moving and hit it then back up quickly. Keep it targeted, and wait for it to miss. If it slashes twice, leap and hit it once. If it takes a big lunge and misses, hit it twice while it pulls its axe back up. After a few hits, part of his armor will break off and he will move twice as fast. It can get hard at this point, just try to stay as far away from him as possible. You might also want to only attack when he does the lunge, but be careful, he can do it quicker and with longer range. You can also just keep him at bay when he tries to attack with regular slashes rather than leap slashes. When you win, you can climb up the stairs, and Z-target the stone to learn the Song of Storms.
If you come back on the second night and talk to the skeletons, you will get a hole that leads to some rupees. Try putting on the Lens of Truth and going through the door that appears. In the next small area, there will be invisible bats and spiders, and an invisible pathway to walk across. If you use the Lens of Truth for just a second, then turn it off, no magic will be wasted, so you can just push the button it's assigned to rapidly and not worry about using it for too long. When you get to the dead end, look for a crack in the wall and use a bomb.

Boss: Axe Knight Now this guy is just plain boring. Waste him and pick up a heart container piece.
If you come back on the 3rd night, you will fall down a hole where the grave digger is. The object here is to find 3 blue spirits hidden under the dirt. You need to walk REALLY slowly for the grave digger to follow you. If you go too fast, he might get lost, and you will need to correct him. Take him over the the mounds of dirt to search for spirts. Watch out for the hand that will fall down from the roof. If you see a shadow, move out of the way and slash the hand that comes down. There are 2 mounds of dirt above ground level. To get the digger to these ones, lead him over to the switches on the floor, and step off when he steps on, then run over and climb up to where it leads him to, before he walks off by accident. When you get them all, you will need to fight a boss.

Boss: Big Poe
This boss can be kind of tricky. You must wait for him to stop spinning then hit him with an arrow 4-5 times. A good place to go to fight him is the hall way where you first came in. Dodge him when he spins at you then shoot him. When you win, you can open a chest for the 4th bottle item. You can also catch a big poe in the center of the room, but i'm not sure what it does yet.
Chapter 12: Fortress of the Female Pirates
As Zora Link, explore the underwater area of the first map of Great Bay. Head all the way to the right, and there should be wooden boards against the rock wall with the skull and crossbones symbol on them. Crash through these and reveal a hidden passage to what appears to be the pirate's hideout.
There will be several pirates patrolling the area outside the fortress in boards. If one spots you, you will be thrown out, just like the Deku maze. Try to sneak against a wall and jump down into the water as Zora Link. Find the vent in the fort that shoots currents of water to push you back, then walk up the orange metal pathway by there. Follow that path, careful not to be spoted when you surface, and jump on the switch as Goron Link. The green grate underwater on the other side will open. Jump back down and enter through there.
Follow the corridor and you will get to a mini underwater maze. Break the wooden boards when you have to, and push/pull the blocks to get through. Not very tough. Swim to the switch that is shooting jets of water upwards, and follow the current. Watch out for the spiked balls and the gaps in the wall. If you are pulled into one, you will be throw back out to the big entrance lagoon type area with the pirates in boats. Jump up and enter a door on the ledge to be in an area with spiked balls and a jail cell tpye structure with a heart piece in it. Climb up the set of stairs and use Goron Link to smash the barrels, then step on the switch and roll back down before the door shuts to get the heart.
Climb back up the stairs, and smash the barrels on the edge of the ledge. Fire an arrow at the metal plate you see, then jump in the water as Zora Link and swim out before the grate that opened closes. Follow that corridor, watching out for the gaps in the walls again. In the next room, hit the switch to make the metal plate visable, then stand on the little drain thing and fire an arrow at the plate so a column of water will lift you up. Fire an arrow at the plate in the next room to open the locked door.
You will be on the wall back in the entrance lagoon place. Follow the path and you will actually be inside the fort. You need to sneak past all the guards and up the ladder in the middle of this map. When you get to the top, sneak past the guard on the tower and across the bridge. If you can't sneak up the ladder, you can snipe away the guards with an arrow to knock them out temporarily. You will see a small scene with the leader of this band at the top. Shoot the beehive through the bars into the room to make all the guards run away, then jump down and get the Hookshot. Now is a good time to go back to day 1, but you aren't quite done with this area yet.

Chapter 13: Zora Land with a Side of Eggs
You should make sure you have at least 4 empty bottles before you atempt this next part. Now that you have the Hookshot, you can skip the underwater area of the pirate's fort when you want to get back. Just goto the first switch that you had to jump on as Goron Link, and use the Hookshot to get aross. The next thing you have to do is collect 7 eggs in your bottles. There are 4 in this fortress area. The first egg can be grabbed by going back to the room where you got the Hookshot. You can knock guards out with arrows or the Hookshot if they get too bothersome. Aim for the wooden plank above the tank with your Hookshot and shoot it to get up there. Grab the egg that is in the bottle, but watch out for the snapping clam.
Another egg is in a door high up and by where you first entered this inner fort area. Use the Hookshoot a few times to get up there. You will need to fight a little wimp boss.

Boss: Red Female Pirate
2 slashes with the level 3 sword and she is gone. Hit the wooden plank with the Hookshot, then shoot all the dead fish inside with arrows before diving in and grabbing the egg in another of your bottles. The 3rd one is towards the back of the fortress. Use the Hookshot to go up a ledge like you did for the last one. Another mini-boss fight guarding the room with the egg.

Boss: Green Female Pirate This one takes 3 slashes instead of 2. Watch out for the spin attack that will knock you out and kick you back outside. Grab the egg in the tank, just like the first one and hop back out. The last egg is right by the second one. Go back to the door from the inner fort map that lead to the second egg, turn around, and shoot another Hookshot post on the other side to go up to it, and knock the guard out. In the next room, the chest is a fake. Knock all 3 of the guards out, then jump down and go up the other side.

Boss: Pink Female Pirate Barely worth mentioning. Hurt her badly for even trying, then go onto the next room and grab this egg just like you did the others.
After you have all the eggs, goto the lab on the first map of Great Bay. There is an owl statue outside, and it is in the water by where you got the Zora mask. Talk to the guy in there, then climb the ladder next to him and drop all the eggs in.
Next, look for 2 blocks on the map of Great Bay. They are by where you found the Pirate Fortress. Swim over to these and walk through them (inbetween). You will be in another area where you must follow the signs to get through a mini maze. If you mess up, you will start over. Dive down and go straight from the start to a sign. Go in the dirrection that sign is pointing and walk past the next one you bump into. Walk until you see another sign and follow that one to the next. Turn, and take that one to the next one. Look around from here and you should see a sign nearby. Walk over to that one, and then the dirrection which it points to. You will now need to fight the eels in the huge sea crater before you. They live in holes at various heights in the crater. To hit them, wait till they come out and use Zora Link's barrier attack (The R button). Some of the eel holes will have eggs for you to bottle up in them. Get the 3 eggs from here, and take them back to the lab like you did the other ones. When you drop them in the tank and jump down, all 7 will hatch and the tadpoles will write out some notes.
Talk to the man, and target him. Use your Ocarina as Link, and he will comment that it didn't seem to work. Put on the Zora mask, then play it again. You will learn the Tadpole Bossanova song. Now you can go back to day 1 again, and prepare for another dungeon. The Tadpole Bossanova song is really called the Bossanova of the Sea's Roar, but that is too long to type out every time, so I will refer to it as the Tadpole Bossanova.

Chapter 14: Turtle Island and the Demons of the Sea
Before you go, you might want to catch a few faries. The boss of this place can be pretty hard. When you are ready, Use the owl song to get to the statue in Zora's Keep, and play the Tadpole Bossanova for the female Zora outside of the entrance to the Zora Hole. A large turtle with trees on it's back will swim up, and you can use the Hookshot to get up there. It will take you over to the 3rd dungeon.
Go straight and through the door. There is a fairy underwater under the platform you are standing on. Jump off to the left, onto the elevator platform. jump onto the little corner platform and kill the spider for another fairy. Go back to the door and jump off to the right onto an elevator platform. Jump off that to the next platform. Jump into the water and find the turnstyle looking thing. Pull on it, so another grate begins to shoot water. Jump back up and take the right elevator, then jump to the plaform, and onto the grate that is now shooting a pillar of water. Jump from there to the ledge on the other side of the room.
Follow that ledge to a hallway into the next room. There is a fairy in one of the barrels in this room. jump onto the spinning wooden propeller and then to the side of the room to get it. Jump down into the water, and go through the hallways down there until you find a room with a big chest. Get to the platform in the corner, and hookshot over to the chest to get the Map. Use the Hoookshot to break one of the pots here too, for a fairy. If you wear the fairy mask, it will fly over to you.
Find the underwater hall in that room with the hand-like creatures and hit them with the Zora Boomerang to kill them. got down that hall, and come up, and go through the door to find a room with another big chest.
Hookshot over to get it, and youll have the compass. Hop back over to the door you came from with Deku Link, then shoot all the chopper plants in the next room with bubbles using Deku Link. When they are all dead, a chest will appear that you can Hookshot over to and get a fairy.
Back in the room with the compass, you can get a key in a chest underwater in the middle of the room. Go back to the room with the huge spinning pillar and break the pot at the bottom for fairy number 6. In the room with the compass is fairy number 7. Turn right when you enter and kill the 2 hand monsters down below, then break the pot. use the fairy mask and it will fly to you. Now that you have a key, go all the way to the bottom of the spinning room, and through the hall there. Climb up the red pipe on the side of the room to get to a locked door. In the next room, kill the blobs and get all the chests.
Time to fight a classic Zelda mini-boss, touched up a bit. In the next room, you will fight the ol' Big eye with tons of small eyes around it boss. This time, there are 30 or maybe even 50 eyes around it! You can knock little eyes off fast by using arrows and bombs. When you run out, use the hookshot and the sword. Hit the big eye a few times to cause it to throw off all the little ones and zoom around madly. Stay in a corner, and when it runs at you with its eye open, slash it in the eye. When you kill it, you will get the ice arrows. Oh, almost forgot. To start this fight, look up when you enter the room.
Ice arrows can make platforms when shot into the water. Go back to the room with the map. Use ice arrows to get over to the foor with the icicles and melt the block of ice there with a fire arrow.
Another interesting mini boss. Tons of blobs will jump around the room, along with a frog. Slash the frog, then all the blobs will turn into 1 and jump up with him. Aim an ice arrow at the huge blob to make it fall down and shatter. If he lands on you in the big blob form, you will lose some major health. A few slashes should do him in. Then you can go back to the other room and get the boss key.
Go back to the spinning windmill room, and jump on top of the rotating blades. Ride them to the ladder that is surrounded by flowing water, and shoot that with an ice arrow. Take that ladder to a big room. Hookshot over the to barrel, then freze your way across to the other platform with the green turn switch. Turn that, then head to the room where you got the map. Freeze your way across from the map chest to get to another room. Freeze the blob monster when it is close enough to the platform, and use it to jump up and hit the red turn switch. Go back to the room before the ice arrow boss, and shoot the octopus guys with ice arrows when they leap up. Use them to jump up and hit the red switch on that platform.
Now go back to the very first room. The red pump in the corner should be spraying water. Aim for the Hookshot target on the ceiling above it to get over to it, and hit that red turn switch, then turn the switch on the other side of the room off, so the flow of the water in the big spinning windmill room is reversed.
Go back to the windmill room, and take the hallway all the way on the bottom. There is a fairy in a bubble in the hallway that leads back to the windmill room from here. pop the bubble with a Zora Boomerang, and get the fairy to make 8. In the same room, climb the green pipe and shoot and arrow at the fairy bubble in the middle of the room. Use the Big Fairy Mask to get the 9th one.
Climb up the green pipe again and follow it to hit another green switch. Now go back to the spinning windmill room and go through the other hallway that opened. Climb up to the corner of the room and use the elevator to jump over to the pipe. From the pipe, jump to the other elevator that is moving sideways. From there, jump over to the ledge and you will need to fire an ice arrow at the waterfall at the right time, so that the windmill will stop when it is almost even with you so you can jump across. If you mess up, just hit it with a fire arrow, then try again. Jump across the windmill and into the gap in the wall.
In the next room, goto the see-saw type thing farthest away from the entrance and step on the lowered part, then fire a fire arrow up at the ice on the ceiling to make it raise. Jump over to the next one and repeat. Hit the last green turn switch, then head back to the room when you hit the 2nd green turn switch and get ready for the boss.

Boss: Gyoaku
This guy is HARD. He will swim around and try to knock you off the platform, then swallow you in the water, or when you climb back up. He has 2 ways of knocking you off. He might ram into the platform, which will throw you a few feet. If you are in the center of the platform you won't fall off. He also might leap up and jump over the platform to try and hit you off. One way to beat him is to use regular arrows with Link and hit him, then quickly dive into the water as Zora Link and punch him. An easier way is to just dive in with Zora Link and use boomerangs to stun him, then hit him. After a while, he might summon some help to make things harder. Good thing you brought 4 faries, right? Beat him in 8-10 Zora Link punches, and grab his mask and heart container.
Also, if you have all the faries, you can get double defense, but I was missing serveral of them, so I didn't bother going back to look. Maybe another time...

Chapter 15: Arachnophobia (Optional)
More spider hunting for another semi-useless item. The second set of 30 spiders can be found In an empty house on the first Great Bay Map. Blow open the wall and slide down the passage to start another annoying quest.
The first 3 spiders are in the first room. 2 are in the small tunnel that leads down to the door. Use the Hookshot to kill them. A 3rd is on the ceiling. Shoot the web in front of him with a fire arrow, then hit him with the Hookshot. Use the Hookshot to get over the fence, and go through the door. There is a one on the wall in here, by the stairs. Also, there is one in one of the pots that Goron Link can get out by smashing the ground next to it. Jump up on the rail, and use the hookshot to get one crawling on a beam of wood high up by where you came in. Number 7 is also in a pot in the corner, might take a few tries to get him out. There is another in a big pot at the bottom of the stairs, as well as one crawling across the wooden beam on the wall at the bottom of the stairs. The 10th is in a normal-sized pot that is atop some boxes. There is another on the wall that will crawl under one of the masks on the wall, then out. the 12th one is in a hole in the wall behind a web. Use the Hookshot. Go back up the stairs and take the door on the right to get to the library type area.
There are 2 behind one of the bookshelves against a wall. Just push it over. There is also another one behind a picture on the wall. There is another in a hole in the wall, found after you pull a dresser away from it.
Number 17 is on top of a bookshelf in a corner of the room. Use the Hookshot to get it. Number 18 is in a hole in the wall behind a painting. You'll need to climb the bookself on the side of the room like a ladder (look for the section with no books) to get level enough with the hole and use the Hookshot. Another is climbing on the wooden beam at the WAY top of the room against the wall. Shoot him with the Hookshot from the top of the bookshelves. Now go back down the stairs in the previous room and take the first door you come to. Number 20 is behind a painting on the left wall. There is also one on the wooden beam above the door. There are 3 on the ceiling, but they are blocked by a cage like chandellier. You can send them crashing down by doing a Goron Stomp on the table. The 25th one is in a pot in the corner, use Goron Link once again. You can shoot the skulls on the wall in a certain order to get a heart piece, but I don't know how to figure this order out, other than trial an error. I Just shot different ones until I heard a "wrong" buzzer, than shot the ones i had right before and tried a different. You will need to shoot 6 or so. After you are done with that, goto the final room in this place, which is down the hall and around the corner from the one you are in now. First one is behind a web on the ceiling. Burn it up with a fire arrow. Next 2 are behind boxes that can be punched with Goron Link. Look carefully and you will see the difference between those ones and the ones that can't be punched. The next is on the wall behind those weird wooden object in the back. Finally, the last one is in a barrel above everything else. Climb up the boxes next to the door and use the Hookshot to get to a barrel. What you thought was the ceiling really wasn't, and there are lots of barrels to smash up there.
When you are done, go back outside and talk to the guy. If you are still on day one, you will get an item that lets you hold 500 rupees at once. You might also need to have over 500 stored in the bank. If you get 20 rupees, try once again after you have the money in the bank and can do it entirely on day one.

Chapter 16: Side Quests and Other Lose Ends (Optional)
The Deku trading game consists of brining the tear drop to the Deku in Clock Town, then the map he gives you to other Deku. Take his map to the Deku in the swap by the first witch hut. Talk to the Deku as link and get the next. Take that one to the Deku outside Goron Village as Deku Link. Take the map he gives you to the Deku inside a house at the Zora Hole for another map. You will need the Garo mask to trade the last map. Win the Garo mask at the horse races on the ranch on Milk Road. Just ride Epona into the ranch, and pay 10 rupees to race against the 2 guys who are there. Wear it, and look for a hooded figure on the cliff by the graveyard area. He will make a tree you can use your Hookshot to grab onto, and you can get to the last Deku as Zora Link. Go down the path, watching for rocks and rogue Goron. when you get to the Ikana area, walk along the ledge without going in the water and you will be attacked by a robed-figure. He is an easy kill. Continue on and you will find the last Deku, and get a 200 rupee bonus. There are heart container pieces after each of these Deku.
The 5th Bottle can be gotten in the Great Bay area, on the map where the entrance to the Zora Hole is. There is a cave to goto above the waterfall in that area, the one where you got a heart piece for killing the monster at the bottom. To get to the top, you must back track to the part where there is what looks to be a dead branch on the beach. Jump on that, and look for a small tree above to shoot with the hookshot. Shoot the next tree, and so on until you get to the cave. You will need to go through beaver races where you have 2 minutes to go through 20 rings as Zora Link. When you complete that race, you will have 25 rings on a different course to go through. After that race, you are awarded the 5th Bottle Item.
Around the Ikana Graveyard and the hooded guy on the cliff, there is a circle of stones. Look at this circle with the Lens of Truth and you will see an injured warrior. Bring him medicine to help him recover, and he will give you the Stone Coro Mask as a prize.

Chapter 17: Negotiations with the Underworld
For this part, you will need the following items: 5 magic beans, a blue potion, a fish, milk, 10 Deku nuts, and a ghost in a bottle. Blue potions can be bought from the deku trader found on the Ikana road. Milk can be bought at the ranch on Milk Road (not the Romani ranch). A ghost in a bottle can be caught on day 3 in the graveyard, but that might be a little late. Another ghost can be caught somewhere during this quest, so have a spare empty bottle. A fish can be caught in any place that has shallow water and little fish floating around in it (no, they aren't just there for the background).
Go up the path to Ikana (past the graveyard, the place where you did the last Deku trade). Head over to the stream when you get there, and freeze the 2 octopus monsters with ice arrows to get across. Hookshot from that platform over to another, then to another across the way, then to the top of the mountain. Hit the owl statue here with your sword so you will beable to come back whenever you want. Work your way up the hill, walking up the dried up river bed. Try to run past the mummies before they freeze you. When you go in the cave at the top, a ghost will appear and cause you to be damaged every second. Play the song of Storms, which will clear out the poison, destroy all the mummies, and make the river flow again.
Go back out and run down to the house with the horn sticking out of it's roof. The girl sitting outside should run inside and lock the door. Climb up the ramp a little bit away and wait for her to leave. Run inside when she is far away enough, and open the closet in the basement. When the mummy comes out, play the mask collector's song and you will get the Gibudo Mask.
Wear the mask, and go up the ramps by the musical house. Look for a huge hole in the ground, and when you find it, hop down. The first mummy on the right in this area wants the 5 magic beans. give them to him, and go through the door. Find the mummy in the next room who wants 10 Deku nuts. Give them to him, and proceed on. In the next room, one mummy wants 10 bombs. If you don't have the ghost, you can get one by fighting a Poe in the room after the 10 bomb guy. It will take 5 arrows to kill the Poe. Get the Poe and go back to the Deku Nut mummy. Give the other one in that room a big poe to pass. The next mummy will want fish, followed by one who wants the bugs in a bottle, and finally one who wants the milk. After that, you will be in a room with 4 torches. Light them all with fire arrows and a chest containing the Mirror Shield will appear. Don't leave yet, unless you need to get a big bomb. Continued in the next chapter.

Chapter 18: Sunshine on the Illusions of Ikana
Make sure you have a big bomb, and a fairy or two for this section. Some of the monsters can really suck your health off, especally the floating hands and the mummies, if you dont wear the mummy mask. Wearing the mask will make them dance and not bother you at all.
Use the shield to reflect light onto the sun symbol until a ladder appears. Then do it again and a passage will open up. Take the passage back outside and climb up the stairs to be in another section of Ikana. Go around the pillars and enter the door here. Go left in the first room. In order to open that door, you need to hit the frozen eye on the pillar with a fire arrow. There is a frozen eye for both doors, you you want the left one. In the next room, hit the switch then run across the room with the Bunny Hood. Wait till the ceiling falls, then hit the switch on the other side as Deku Link, use the closest flower launcher, and launch up to hit the switch. Change back to regular Link to activate it. In the room with the switch in the corner, kill the spiders with arrows first, and Hookshot the steel balls so they explode, then launcher over to the switch, and Bunny jump back to the door. To get back, you will need to jump to the platform closest to you, then again to the door.
Finally, launch over to the far door. When you get outside again, jump on the walls and look for a Deku launcher. Launch over to the switch, hit it, then go back to the wall. You can get a heart piece here by hitting the silver switch with the Hookshot or an arrow, then launching over the pillar where the flames were as Deku Link.
ump back down and enter again, back to the room where you had to melt the eyes with the fire arrow. You need to wait for day time, and goto the right room. Shine light onto the sun emblem with your shield and continue on. If you have trouble with the hand monster, you can shine light on him to destroy him. If he flies over to you, Block him with your shield, but if a mini-hand grabs onto you, it will grow. In the next room, you get to fight a mini boss just like the one in the second dungeon. This time he will take a few more hits, and he will spit fire rather than ice. Not too tough, but I won't explain how to beat him since you should already know. One thing though, watch out for the fire he shoots at you, beacause sometimes a spark might fly off and hit you.
After you beat him, climb up the stairs and onto the roof of this place. Walk over to where the huge crater-type thing with the green arrow point is, and put a big bomb on the arrow. Jump down the hole, and you will be back in the first room, with sunlight shining down through the roof. Use the shield to reflect it onto the icon, and go foward to fight a boss.

Boss: The 3 Guardians of Ikana
There will be a skeleton sitting in the char at the top of the steps, and 2 on the floor that will try and attack you. 2 hits with the level 3 sword will temporarily knock out the ones on the floor, but they block well. The one in the chair will kick you down if you try to rush up to him. First thing to do is shoot the curtains with a fire arrow. Then knock down the 2 skeletons and shine light on their corpse. When they are dead, the big one will stand up and attack. Block his sword swipes with your shield and counter. If he starts to spit dust, back away or hit him and he will stop. When he falls over, shine light on his corpse as well. You will learn the Mekagera's Elegy Song. This song will create an image of Link, so it will be useful for hitting switches.

Chapter 19: Time to Scale Rockvale
Now that you can make images of Link, go up to Rockvale, which is a bit north of the musical house. Jump across the 3 blocks and you will get to a switch that will move the blocks, but only while you are on it. Play the Mekagera's Elegy to make an image to hit the switch for you. Hookshot up to the next platform, and watch out for the laser eye. Turn into Zora Link and make an image on the switch there. Hookshot up to the next platform, Turn into Goron Link, and make an image there. Turn back into regular link and jump across. Hit all 3 switches to reset the blocks, then Hookshot up to the next ledge. Make an image on the switch there, it might be easy to miss, but look around until you find it. Climb up the Hookshot post (By hitting it high with the Hookshot) and Hookshot up to the next ledge. Watch out for the laser eye. Make an image on the switch that is there. It might be hard to see at first. Hookshot up to the next ledge and make an image on the switch that is there. Jump across the 3 blocks, then hit the 3 switches to reset them once again. Hookshot up to the next ledge, and watch out for the 2 rocks that will roll in a path. Also watch out for flaming bats. If you fall down, you will need to start over. Walk to the edge of that platform and Hookshot up to the next. From there, Hookshot up to the last platform.
On this platform is an owl statue. Hit it so you can come back here without having to do the first part over
. Make images on the last 3 switches, and enter the mouth of the strange creature carved into the moutainside.

Chapter 20: Maze of the Inverted Ruins In the first room, take the door on the left to get to a room with 4 switches. Find the wall with cracks in it, and plant a bomb to make it blow up. Use Goron Link to get the crates from there and place them on a switch. Also use Goron Link and his image to hit the biggest of the 4 switches. When you hit the last one, go past the grate that was blocking your way before. Put a bomb on the light square you see on the floor to make light shine down below, then make a right turn down to a lower level of the cave. Shine your shield on the sun block in here and walk across the lava with Goron Link to get the map.
Punch all the statues in this room with Goron Link, and if they come to life, hit em again and get out of their way before they blow up. When they are all dead, a chest containing a key will appear. Take this key back upstairs, and go through the locked door in that room.
In the next room, there is a key in a chest on the side ledge. After you get that, Dive down and go through the hallway into a bigger room. Jump up onto the pathway in the middle and use Link's shield to reflect light onto the mirror. Reflect it so that the mirror absorbs the light (the mirron will flash, not reflect it) for about 5 seconds, then when you stop, the mirror should shoot a beam of light. Run over and reflect it onto the sun block to get the compass.
The door behind that sun block leads back to the first room. Go back to where the mirror is and cross the little pathway to a locked door (you got the key recently). In the next room, punch away the pillar in the middle with Goron Link. Use the same technique you did before with the mirror to get rid of the sun block against the right wall. There is a chest there containing a fairy.
Next part can be annoying. You havta reflect the light onto one mirror for a really long period of time, then reflect the light that one gives off onto another mirror, and then finaly the light that one gives off onto the sun block. The black bug monsters in the room will keep regerating to make things more difficult as well. You can block them with your shield to buy time. Go through the door when you finish.
Launch up with Deku Link in the next room, and guide him to the guests of air to extend the time you can glide for. There is a chest near the start of the glide that has a fairy, on the platform with rupees. There is a chest on fire that has a fairy in it, and I think you need to roll across the lava and hit the switch with Goron Link for it to open. Not too sure. In the next room, you'll fight a mini-boss.
This boss can't hit you as long as you are blocking, but you will never seem to beable to hit him either. When he leaps at you, move out of the way and he will dissapear, then come down on your head. Take a short step away when he comes down and slash him. Eventually, he will escape, and a chest containing the Light Arrows will appear. Go through the door and jump up onto the beam to get across. There is a masked bug in the way, but you can take him out easily with a bomb and a slash. Just block him with the shield until the bomb goes off. In the next room, there is an eye creature to fight. Just block his attacks and hit him in the eye with an arrow when it is yellow (right after you block his attack). It Helps alot if you Z-target him. You will be back in the first room after this, and can go back in time if you want. You won't lose the map or compass, and everything else of importance that you have done (except the faries) has already been taken care of and is not needed to be done again.
Either way, next thing to do is go back outside, and jump over to the block closest to the dungeon. Shoot a light arrow at the red gem on the wall and the dungeon will flip over.
Go back in and take the door on the right first. Shoot the sun block with a light arrow, then Glide across, then turn and hit the frozen eye with a fire arrow. Hookshot up to the chest that appears for a fairy. There is another fairy you can get by hitting the sun emblem in the first room and opening a chest.
In the room on the right, use Deku link and get launched by the air hole on the right. Fly up to a platform, then Glide over the the little walkway in the middle of the room. Kill the masked rat, and walk through a hallway until you see a switch. Hit it, then go back and grab the chest that appears for a key. Take the other air hole on the left to launch up to a locked door. In this room, shoot the gem to turn right-side up, then walk to the little platform in the lava and shoot it again. Walk through the door.
You must do the same general thing in the next room. Reverse the room, then push the block over a few squares so it will fall in the middle-right, turn it back, then push the block over to the other side of the room, Reverse, push it as far as it will go agaisnt the slightly raised floor, reverse, then push it on the switch and jump up to the door.
In the next room, you need to fight the game's favorite wizard mini-boss again. Let him have it, then Hookshot up to the chest that appears and go through the door. Launch across the next room with Deku Link, and bottle a poe if you really need it. In the next room, make the spiked balls bash each other with the Hookshot, then glise across to the middle section, and Hookshot the chest on the ceiling by the door. Run past the blue skulls, trying not to get hit, beacause they will lock out your sword.
The next room has a combination vampire bat/grim reaper mini-boss. He can take off your life very very quickly if you aren't careful. You need to hit him with a light arrow to get rid of some of the bats, then slash him with your sword. His attacks are very hard to dodge, try wearing the bunny mask or using backflips. When you beat him you will get the boss key.
Go back 3 rooms, to the room with the poes. Use Deku Link right when you enter (coming from the mini-boss) and go left to a gap in the wall. Run past all the knights and hit a switch to make a chest containing a key appear. Get it, then go back towards the mini-boss 1 room. Right when you enter, look to your right and follow the path. Hit the switch and Hookshot the chest that appears. Follow that path and unlock the locked door.
Defeat the giant eye monster in the next room, just like the last one you killed, then get the chest he leaves for a new mask that you can't seem to use. In the next room, Hit the switch, and Hookshot to the chest that appears. Hit the Hookshot target on the ceiling to get over the spinning spiked bar, and enter the door. Jump down the pit.

Boss: Twin Moldu
Use the mask when the fight starts and you will become giant. This is a pretty easy, but cool nonetheless ight, as long as you have some magic refills with you. I recomend bringing 2 or 3 magic refills, and some faries. You can just bring all blue potions if you want, too. Back to the boss, you'll need to slash either of them as Giant Link in the head or the tail. 4-6 slashes will kill each one. If you run out of magic, you can try to find some in the desert using the Bunny Hood or Goron Link to stay ahead of the molds, but it is very hard to find a magic vial. Also, don't accidently wander too far from the middle or you will be kicked outside back to the entrance of the upside-down Rockvale Dungeon. When you win, you can grab the last guardian mask, as well as another heart container.
Getting all the fairies for this dungeon and brining them back to the fairy spring by the musical house will get you a powerful 2-handed sword. You cannot use your shield if you are using this sword though, so only use it when you know you won't need to defend, especally since the Mirror Shield is several times more powerful than the first and can block almost anything within reason.

Chapter 21: Mysteries in the World of Talmina (Optional)
This chapter will cover anything else not covered in chapter 16 that is important. You can skip ahead to the final chapter if you think you are ready.
Back by the Clock Town Observatory, there is a scarecrow named Pierre. Talking to him can skip ahead in time, just like the hidden ocarina song. If you pull out your ocarina in front of him, and play a tune, it will become a song. Be sure to remember what you played, beacause it won't be listed with the rest of your songs.
By Milk Road there is a bird that will steal items from you, including your sword and your bottles. You can follow it and kill it to get the items back, or you can simply travel back to day 1 and you will have them again. Killing the bird gets you 100 rupees.
The sixth and final bottle can be picked up by going through a series of events in Clock Town using a few different masks. Goto the inn on the first day, and wait till between 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm for the mail man to walk through. Put on the Cafe Mask and talk to the girl behind the counter. Then come back after 11:00 pm using Deku Link. Wait in the kitchen until after 12:00 and then talk to the lady to get a letter. Mail the letter in the box outside, and wait until the mail man picks it up the next day. Follow him to the house by the stream, and go inside. Get another letter from the girl there, and give it to the girl at the inn. On the 3rd day, wait until 6:00 pm and go back to the house by the stream. Get another letter from the man inside, and give it to the fat lady who gave you the Cafe Mask (and is also wearing it) to get the last bottle, filled up with an item that will give you unlimited magic for a limited time when you drink it. You can also get this shadowy milk by wearing the Romani mask to get in the Milk Bar really late and paying 200 rupees for it. More masks. You can get the Explosion Mask by going to the northern section of town around 0:00 on the first day and preventing the robbery that takes place by slashing the burgler with your sword before he escapes. You can then get the Staying up Late Mask after you stop this robber by going to the mani shop on the 3rd night and buying it for 500 rupees.
To get the Keaton mask, follow the same steps to get the 6th bottle. Wait in the little girl's house for the mail man to come back and he will give you a pendant. Give that to the lady in the inn, then wait till the 3rd day and go back to the girl's house at various times until her father gives you the mask, as well as something else.
Take the other gift you got from the girl's father and wait for the mailman to get to the post office on the same 3rd day. Give it to him, then follow him to the milk bar and wait for him to deliver the gift. Go outside and talk to him to get the Post Hat (or mailman mask).
Before you go back in time, there is one more mask to get. For this one, you cannot have stopped the burgler (at least this time around) and must have gottent he keaton mask this time around. Goto Ikana, and find the girl hiding between some rocks. Talk to her and hide too, and wait for the burgler to show up and enter a secret cave. If the burgler sees you, he will run back down the cliff and will not open the secret door. Follow him, and help the girl get the sun mask by going very fast. Go back to the inn, and enter the first door in front of the stairs, then wait for the last minute to get another mask (Meoto Face). You can wear this mask once you go back in the mayor's office to get a heart piece.
You can get another mask by going to the milk bar with the Romani mask on late in the first day. Talk to the man who is shaped like an egg, then stand under the right light on the stage (which might take a while to find) and play the song that the man taught you. Play it with regular Link, then Deku Link, then Goron Link, and finally Zora link to get the mask. if it doesn't work, try a different light. You will get the Chairman's Mask.
You can get an upgrade to 30 bombs on the 3rd day. Goto the bomb shop in town and pay 100 rupees to the guy at the bottom of the stairs. You can get an upgrade to 40 bombs from a Deku trader for 200 rupees.
You can use the Keaton Mask to find Keatons hidden in the grass that moves in Milk Road and Clock Town. The Keaton will ask you several questions in japanese. Answer 5 correctly to get prizes.

Chapter 22: Majora's Mask
When you are good and ready, and if you have all the guardian masks, make your way to the clock tower in Clock Town at 0:00 on the last day. Engage in battle with Stalkid, and play the song you learned when you beat the first of the guardians. After a small scene, the Mask of Majora will reject Stalkid and beam itself into the eye of the moon. Since the guardians cannot hold back the moon any longer, Link decides to follow. If you have all the normal masks at this point, you might beable to get the last special mask as well. Read on. This world consists of a tree with several kids running around. Each one is wearing the mask of a guardian. I'm not too sure how it works, but you can give away your masks to the kids to be teleported to one of several small cave areas. If you go back in time, you will gain back whatever masks you gave away. I have seen a few of these areas so far but not all.
The first consists of several flower launchers, a few spinning on branches in the middle of a huge pit. If you work your way over to the corners, one has a heart container piece, and the other has a door that leads to the kid who brought you here. You can give him more masks to leave, but im not sure how this works either. It may or may not effect other events. (2 Masks Lost)
The second consists of high speed underwater tunnels where you are given choices of paths. At the end of the path, you will either get to a gossip stone, a door leading to the kid, or maybe a heart piece (which I have not found yet). If you get to the kid, yet don't want to be teleported out, just jump back into the water with Goron Link. You can always leave by the blue teleporter at the begining of the area. (4 Masks Lost) The third area consists of many ramps for Goron Link to roll over. There is a trick to it. If you roll completly straight from the exact middle of the first runway, then let go of the analog stick just as you land from the jump, you will bounce off the chests, and automatically roll up the next ramp. You will keep bouncing and rolling automatically, but you will fall into a pit when you get to the 2 green pots containing more magic vials. Stop at this point, and try exploring by walking. I have found nothing here, but the kid with the mask. (6 Masks Lost)
Go to the last kid when you get out, and give him masks. You will be transported to the last little mini-dungeon. Find the kid and give him the last of your regular masks. You should be teleported out, and none of the kids will be there except the one against the tree. (8 Masks Lost, None Left) When you are ready, talk to the kid resting against the huge tree who is wearing Majora's Mask. You will be transported to a huge room, where each of the guardian masks will fly from your hands to the wall. Then, the eyes of Majora's Mask will glow and pop out with a look of insanity. It would be a good idea to wear the Bunny Hood for the following fights, if you didn't give it away to one of the kids in the previous area. If you gave all your masks away, and had the max possible number, you should recieve the 4th special mask, which will allow you to turn into a sky blue adult Link. I have not tried this yet, as in my most recent save I don't have all the masks, but the word is out there that it works. As adult link, you have a new sword that can fire magic when it slashes.

Boss: Majora's Mask
You will need to hit the mask in the back, as it floats or spins about, then slash it again while it is stunned. In order to do this, you can either try your luck with arrows, or wait till it dives down to spin across the room and hit it with a spin attack when it gets close. I usually wait for it to do so, and charge up a spin attack, hoping it will come down right above my head to garentee a hit. Conserving arrows is a good idea, beacause you will only have whatever number you had when you entered, plus 1 set under a jar. After a few hits, the guardian masks will fly off the wall and attack too. They will shoot sparks down at you. They each take 2-3 hits to kill, the only way being arrows. Sometimes you can shoot one once and slash it before it can fly back up again for an easy kill. Try to keep your eye on the Mask of Majora at all times though, beacause it has a new laser attack at this point. While you are fighting off the guardian masks, just Z-target it and use your shield to block the laser. When all the other masks are gone, you can take the target off, and reflect the laser back to try and light it on fire. Patience is the key here, as it uses the laser attack alot and dives for a spin less. Be patient, and save the arrows you have left. A few more hits and it will burst into flames... and then mutate.

Boss: Majora's Mask Again
The next form will dance across the room in various ways. Z-target it and try to stay back. Never fire anything at it, or try to rush up and hit it. Wait for it to come to you before you slash. The easiest way to hit it is to wait for it to do the moonwalk type move and hit it beacause it is semi-defenseless and wont spin away until it is done moonwalking. It has an attack that it might do occasionally where it throws several sparks at you. Just try to Z-target it and leap around in circles when it does. When you score a hit, you can hit it a few times while it cries out in pain, and if you keep slashing and time it right, you will hit it again when it recovers and tries to spin away. With luck, you can hit it once and not give it the chance to attack again. After maybe 5-9 hits, it will change again.

Boss: The Magic Emperor of Majora
This form is difficult if you don't know what to do. It will spin away or jump away if you get too close, and whip at you with it's tentacles. At first, you can use Goron Link to spin around the room, then ram into it, But eventually it will move faster and whip at a longer range. NEVER Z-target it and try to close in for a slash; it will just whip you and jump away. The easiest way to end this battle is to try and save as many arrows as you can for this part. If you used 12 arrows to kill the guardian masks, you can have 18 + 30 arrows left over for this fight, to make things much easier. Hit it with an arrow when you find an opening, then run up and slash it around a few times. Magic potions are almost useless, so use all the bottles you have on either fairies or life potions. Don't give up too first, it is definatly a cool boss, but not very hard if you have the right stuff. When it is injured, it will dodge your arrows. Shoot once, then when it lands from it's jump, shoot again. When the spiked objects dart around the room, you know it's almost dead. Good luck!

Chapter 23: Finale
The Ending will be different if you have more masks. For each mask you see in the ending, it means you are missing that mask and will not see that part. There might be one little section to see for each of the masks, which are now all listed in the mask section, except for the one in the bottom right corner.