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Adventure of Link
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Adventure of Link

Getting Started:
 As soon as you exit the North Palace, head southwest to a cave. In there, despite the darkness, move to the end and you will obtain a magic container. Exit the cave and head East to the town of Rauru on the roadside. There, find the daughter of an old man and he will teach you the Shield spell. Now travel through the northeast cave to the desert. There is only one enemy in the cave, so you have no need to worry. Upon reaching the desert, head southeast down a narrow path. When you come upon a clearing, go to the center and obtain the heart container. There are some boomerang throwers there, so be careful. Now you are ready for the first palace.
 Palace 1: (northeast desert)
 This palace is mainly inhabited with fast-jumping weasels of some sort that die in one hit. Be careful though, because if they hit you, they zap experience points! What's worse, if you kill them, you get nothing! Other than that, there really isn't anything special about this palace...
 NOTE!!! You must get the items in the palaces before you vanquish the boss or the temple will be closed off forever!
 Useful Item:
 The Candle- (located down 1, right 2, down 1, left 2 from the start) This will light up any unlit caves for you in the overworld. Right before obtaining the candle you will your first IronKnuckle. You have to outwit it. I never found an easy way to beat them, but maybe you will.
 A Fairy- (located down 1, right 3 from the start) Enjoy it, because it's the only one you'll ever find in a regular palace.
 The Boss:
 Horsehead- A knight with a horse's head! (whoa really?) Hit him in the head until he's dead! (I made a rhyme!!!) After that, place the jewel in the palace's statue and be on your way!
 The Overworld:
 Head back to the town of Rauru and stay on that road. When you reach the patch of forest before the desert, go inside and obtain the P-bag for 50 points. Next head north into the Desert Cave. With your candle, you will now be able to see where you are going! Retrieve the trophy and exit. Head to Ruto and give the trophy to the woman asking about it. Her father will give you the Jump spell.
 Now, use the Jump spell in the cave to the south and cross over to the swamp. Head to a small patch of land in the eastern part of the swamp to obtain a 1up! You may want to save this for later. Next, head southeast to the forest. Walk in the third row of forest from the south until you come upon Bagu's house. He will give you permission to cross the bridge in Saria.
 Upon entering the town of Saria, go to the third portion of the town, after a tunnel, and retrieve the mirror from under the table. Go back to the second portion and give it to the woman asking about it. Her father will teach you the Life spell. This spell is very important to your progress in the game! Now head south to death mountain. You should be allowed to cross the bridge since you spoke with Bagu.
 Death Mountain: (south of Saria)
 This is a very tricky area. I tried making a map, that didn't work... I tried writing out directions, that didn't work. In this area you are basically on your own, I'm sorry. I was making directions only to find out that I took a wrong turn and had been copying down the wrong directions for some time... Oh well, here is what I know:
 Head east in the first screen.
 In the next screen head east or south (I forget...)
 That's as far as I got. Good luck! Upon reaching the southern shore, head west into a lone black square. This is where you will find the hammer, which is good for breaking boulders on the Overworld Map. Watch out for the axe-wielders (they're much like IronKnuckles) in the caves. When you retrieve the hammer, exit immediately, then break the boulder immediately east of where you emerge. There is a magic container at the bottom. Now you're ready to leave Death Mountain.
 Go as far east as possible and you will see a narrow strip of land that you can use to get back to the main continent. Head due north from there, since it's a breeze the rest of the way.
 Overworld (again):
 Now, head to the road south or Rauru and on sides of the road should be two caves: one contains a heart container, while the other contains a medicine bottle. Be sure to pick up both. (you'll need them, trust me). Now travel due east until you come upon a boulder blocking the desert. Break the boulder and head to the town of Mido. Give the medicine to the woman asking for it and learn the Fairy spell, which will be somewhat useful (but also leave you helpless!). To get the downthrust, use the Jump spell to get to the open window on top of the church. The veteran knight will teach it to you. Now it's time for Palace number 2...
 Palace 2: (located in the north-central swamp of west Hyrule)
 This palace is kind of tricky, but you shouldn't have too much trouble with it. You will have to head down before coming back up and opening the lock to obtain the glove. It's not too hard to figure out.
 Useful Item:
 The Glove: (located down 1, left 4, down 1, right 2)- Allows you to break the falling blocks. In the room before the glove be careful! You may get trapped between the blocks and be forced to reset!
 The Boss:
 Helmethead- (these sure are original names, right?) As soon as you fight this boss, you should get Horsehead déja vu! Use the same tactics you used on Horsehead, but watch out for the flying heads at the same time. (they shoot fireballs!) Upon defeating it, place the jewel in the palace and be on your way.
 Road to Palace 3-
 Head back to the desert near Mido. Head south to the cemetary until you reach King's Tomb (the lone grave surrounded by nothing). Talk to the woman there and then head directly south from King's Tomb. Three graves from the shore, you should fall down into a cave. Use the fairy spell to get over the wall and you should be at the island the third palace is on.
 Palace 3: (located on an island east of the cemetary)
 This palace can get annoying. You first run into some very... "fun" IronKnuckle's in this palace. They extremely love to throw daggers at you until you die. Be careful around them... Although, if you master the art of defeating them beforehand, the boss should be a cinch.
 Useful Item:
 The Raft- (located down 1, right 4, down 1, right 1) This item can be used to cross over to the eastern continent of Hyrule. Very useful. It's guarded by a Blue IronKnuckle that throws daggers at you until you die. Good luck on that one...
 The Boss:
 IronKnuckle- Right now you're thinking, well that can't be too bad... just another blue IronKnuckle right? WRONG! Instead it is riding a floating horse... However, that's the easy part. First, downthrust the horse into submission every time it passes. That's the easy part. Now, when the horse is defeated you have a very powerful blue IronKnuckle to defeat. Good luck! After defeating it, place the stone in the statue and return to the mainland.
 The Overworld:
 Take the raft to east Hyrule. In the plains, you should see one lone batch of forest. Go inside and retrieve the P-bag. That should help with your experience a little. Now head east to the town of Nabooru. Go to the fountain in the center of the town and get some water. Now give it to the lady in the house just right of the fountain and her father (uncle? grandfather?) will give you the Fire spell. Now head to the northern continent through the cave just north of Nabooru. From there, head east until you reach a very long bridge. That takes you to maze island.
 Upon reaching maze island, go south and east until you reach a dead end where the fourth palace is visible from. When you walk over the dead-end, you will fall into a hidden cave. Rescue the child below and go back to the mainland. Now head west through a perilous mountain range until you reach the town of Darunia. Return the child to his mother and her father (husband? uncle?) will give you the Reflect spell. To get the upthrust, go to the part of the town where the first building has a chimney. Jump on other houses with the Jump spell to reach it and then go down the chimney. A veteran knight will teach you the upthrust. Head back to maze island. Find the magic container hidden in the maze and then go to the fourth palace.
 Palace 4: (eastern Maze Island)
 A very tricky palace. Make sure to use the Reflect spell to defeat the many phantoms in this palace. They give out a nice bundle of experience, so it's usually worth your while if you have the magic power.
 Useful Item:
 The Boots- (located down 1, right 1, down 1, right 1, fall down 1 then get to the right, right 1) As usual, it's guarded by an IronKnuckle. These boots allow you to walk on water and access the 5th palace (and a heart container).
 The Boss:
 Carock- Hey! It's not a knight of some sort!!! :-) Anyway, this boss is incredibly difficult to defeat (at least he was for me) But believe it or not, after doing some research I found out an easier way to beat him than my "run for your life" method. First cast the Reflect spell and then duck on the left side of the screen facing right. He'll kill himself after that! Place the jewel in the fourth statue and be on your way!
 Road to Palace 5:
 Make your way back to Nabooru and follow the road to the shore. Now that you have your boots you can just walk to the Island Palace! On the way there though, continuously try to move north. At one time, you will be able to. Keep walking north until you can't, then walk east. You should find a heart container on a hidden ridge. Now make your way back to Palace 5.
 Palace 5: (located on an island east of Nabooru)
 This is a very extensive palace so be prepared when you come here. (don't say I didn't warn you).
 Useful Item:
 The Whistle- (located down 1, right 3, down 1, left 2, down 1, right 3, down 1, left 1, down 1, left 1 [there are three locks along the way, so pick up lots of keys!]) This item has two purposes in the game: to reveal the 6th palace and to get rid of the River Spider thing.
 The Boss:
 Gooma- Well, whaddaya know... another knight-type enemy. The folks at Nintendo could have been a tiny bit more original... Anyway, to defeat it, you have to hit it in the chest many, many times. If you have a high "ATTACK" level, this shouldn't be too difficult. Place the jewel in the statue and get ready for palace #6...
 The Overworld (what? again???)
 Go back to Nabooru and head southwest from there. Use the whistle and have the Spider thing run away. Great job! Head southeast to the desert and walk along the shore until a battle is initiated. The last heart container is there. Now head north to the forest. Somewhere in the east forest, there is a 500 point P-Bag. Look for it! Go into the Northern Cave and you will appear in a small clearing along the ocean. Hit the trees with the hammer (did you know you could do that?) until the hidden town of New Kasuto is unearthed.
 In New Kasuto, talk to an old woman and she will welcome you into her house. Upon doing so, you will get the last Magic Container. Now, find a room in the town with an open fireplace. Have Link crawl through it and you will obtain the Spell spell. Pretty nifty, huh? :-) Now head to the very east part of the town and use the Spell spell. Go inside the house that surfaces and get the Magic Key. Now head back to the desert.
 From the desert, go west to the cemetary. There, you should find an old abandoned town of Kasuto. Enter the very first house and get the Thunder spell. After that, just leave. Nothing more of importance is there. (unless you want to lose experience from the flying fireballs...) Head to the middle of the desert between the Triforce-shaped rocks. Play the whistle... Well whaddaya know! The sixth palace! :-)
 Palace 6: (southern East continent between the Triforce Rocks)
 Good Luck!!! You had better have a magic key, or you're not going anywhere in here... A point of interest, as soon as you enter go left and pick up the 200 point P-Bag. Always a nice little treat :-)
 Useful Item:
 The Cross: (located down 2, right 5 [watch for the hidden pit in the room before the cross!!!]) Ok, you think to yourself, I've faught IronKnuckles before, it's easy by now. It would be, but they decided to guard the Cross with a mounted IronKnuckle (the third palace boss). The cross will help you see ghosts in the cemetaries.
 A 1-up: (located down 2, right 1, fall 2, right 6) A blue IronKnuckle is waiting for you. Dispose of it and get the doll.
 The Boss:
 Barba- Finally, not another knight!! That's your first thought, until you see the thing. Now you know where they got the idea for Volvagia... To defeat Barba, cast both the Shield spell (which you should cast before every boss anyway) and the Jump spell. Now, stay on the right island and when Barba comes up from the lava below, jump and hit it in the head (this is extremely difficult without falling in the lava). After defeating Barba, place the last stone in the statue and get ready for the Final Palace!
 Road to the Final Palace:
 Before leaving for the palace, I recommend you go get any 1-up dolls you might have found along the way. You should have one from the 6th Palace, but there are others scattered throughout Hyrule.
 When you are ready to leave, go into the cemetary south of where the Spider was and go into the cave. Fight your way through the lava taking the obvious caves. It is pretty self-explanatory to get there. When you get there, if you have not placed all of the stones, the Binding Force (a lot of colorful, squiggily lines) will stop you from entering the palace. If you have placed all of the jewels, now you must go into the Final Palace...
 Final Palace: (located at the end of the Lava Maze)
 Actually, this palace is a large maze, so here is the way to the boss:
 Down 1, Left 1, Down 1, Right 2, Down 1, Right 1, Down 3, Right 1, Down 1, Right 2, Down 1, Right 1, Down 3, Left 1, Down 1, Right 1, Down 1, Right 2.
 Boss #1:
 Thunderbird- Use the Thunder spell to unveil his week point (his head). He is incredibly difficult to defeat, however the sequence is simple. Just keep hitting him in the head. Dodge the fireballs as well. Make sure to cast the Shield spell if you have enough magic. (by now, you should have all of your experience maxed out by the way). After defeating it, you move on to...
 Final Boss:
 As soon as you enter, you should see an old man laughing. His identity is unknown, though many think he is Ganon. (I don't see how that is possible since he can't be revived without Link's Blood). He is holding the Triforce of Courage (the reason for this entire quest) and as he stands there laughing, Dark Link emerges (the final boss).
 To defeat him, keep jumping and slashing until he is defeated. However, this is not too easy... in fact not easy at all. Try many ways to hurt him. He usually follows your actions so be very careful.

The Adventure Of Link

To submit a glitch please click here.


Go to the town with the high builings, have enough magic to do jump and fairy. in the 1st or second section jump on the lowest house using the spell, jump. then jump from house to house untill you find a house that when you jump up your body goes off the get ready to use fairy, use it when your off the screen. you should fall hen be in a weird town. DONT GO LEFT AND FALL! you will land in the water in the middle of the ocean and have to reset. go left all the way if you want to get to a normal house (i havent played thi game in awhile so i am not posotivly sure) and if you want to screw around, when you see the open dorr go in it you will be in the same town, but it will be slowly tearing apart then keep doing it again untill there IS NO FLOOR!!! you willkeep falling, so i suggest using fairy then go bact to the normal town. THIS GLITCH WILL NOT HARM YOUR GAME! i have done it a million times toshow m friends, nothing has happened! I dont deseve full credit! i think i found this code at htloz or some other place.


Quick End

At any time in the game press Start on Controller 1. Then on Controller 2 press Up and A to bring up the "Continue, Save, Retry" screen. Use this if you are stuck in a screen with no way out, and no way to lose a life. You can use this code to save your game (so you don't lose the items you have picked up), and start over from the starting screen.