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Unfortunately I cannot find or write a walkthrough but i have a boss guide so you can kill the boss in each level.



A flaying Dragon who is quite powerful. When he is flying stay away from him and also dogde his fireball attacks. When he lands in the doorway strike him on the head and he will fall to his death.

He is a dragon type lizard. Toss bombs at him so he swallows them and once he is stunned pick him up using the Power Bracelet and throw him on the spikes. He will die a painful death.

A giant Moth? When this overly large moth lands in the middle of the room slash him with your sword, but you must dodge his powerful attacks first.

His weakness is his giant claw. Focus on it and when it is safe too attack it, slash it with your sword. Don't let the claw pick you up because it is very powerful. Once the claw is gone shoot its eye with your slingshot to finish her off.

Pull the giant spiked ball into the Digdogger by using the Magnetic Gloves. After Digdogger has been inflicted with enough damage he will split into pieces. These pieces can be easily destroyed by your sword.

The boomerang is the key weapon here. Destroy all of it's flowers by using the boomerang and hitting it. After all the flowers are gone wack the stem with the boomerang as quick as possible. Once the core is revealed slash it with your sword enough times for it too DIE!

Avoid his attacks by using the Roc's Cape and when you have a chance too slash his heads with your sword. Once you defeat its mini-heads whats left of Gleeok will leap aroudn the room. When he jumps at you dodge his attack and slash it with your sword a few times.

Medusa Head
Isn't this interesting.....the head of a Greek God is your next boss. Dodge its beam attacks with Roc's Cape and when you get a chance too slash it with your sword from time to time until this Greek god falls to its death!

Dodge his attacks with your Roc's Cape and use the spin attack to hurt him. After he takes enough damage, he will summon Din, still surrounded by the giant crystal, to be a shield for him. Use the rod of Seasons to get that crystal out a there and start attacking Gorgon again. After enough damage is inflicted on Gorgon he will disappear and you will have to face his final form. I advise you where the Heart Ring to restore your get ready for the FINAL form..... Gorgon's

Final Form
This is a pretty heavy duty boss with lots 'a power. To finish him off, you will need to use Roc's Cape to jump on one of his hands when he swipes at you. Ride his hands and jump towards his head, then slash at the crystal on his forehead. Also move as mcuh as possible to avoid his attacks. . When Onox attacks by swiping across the entire screen with one of his claws, quickly move to the other side of the screen, using a Pegasus Seed if necessary. After enough hits on his forehead you will have defeated th game and the toughest of the bosses.